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Working Remotely Can Be Great for Business: Tips to Succeed During the Coronavirus Crisis

working from home at desk

As it turns out, pyjamas are not just super-comfy. They can also be great for productivity.

As Inc. reports, working remotely can get more work out of the same workforce. It can cut overhead costs and boost creativity. It can empower workers to take ownership of their roles because they feel trusted and valued.

Plus, working remotely is good for the planet. With less smog comes more blue and green and even visible twinkling stars amid the city lights. It feels good to be kind to our world.

Still, there is no question that many individuals and businesses are struggling economically during the coronavirus crisis. If you are feeling stressed, honour that. You are not alone. It is normal. Take a deep breath. Take good care of yourself.

Then, rather than focusing on what you can't do right now, we invite you to use this blog post to brainstorm what you can do to take even better care of current clients and generate new business.

Dare to Do Things Differently

Have you heard of Goat 2 Meeting?

An enterprising animal sanctuary recently launched a, well, udderly unique way to bring in some extra business during the coronavirus quarantine. Several other similar charities quickly followed suit.

Looking for a surefire way to get all your remote workers to the Zoom meeting on time? Rent a goat! Or a llama. Or a donkey. Or an alligator.

We're not saying you should rent a farm animal, per se (although it is for a great cause).

But it might be time to take that zany idea you've been hoarding out of its time-out corner and launch it. You might just discover a whole new revenue stream you otherwise could have missed.

Reinvent Demand for What You Offer

To be honest, no one was that surprised when companies that supply hand sanitizer and face masks started to see huge spikes in demand.

But after bracing for the worst, some less obvious vendors found themselves pleasantly surprised by sales upticks.

For example, one small company that makes aloe vera gel, a necessary ingredient for homemade hand sanitizer, had to mobilize literally overnight as demand for the gel nearly outpaced existing stock.

Other pleasantly surprised businesses include photo editing apps, booksellers, gardening stores, delivery services, mail-order subscription boxes, home and garden supply stores, and phone headset manufacturers.

Could your business be next?

Resell What You Can't Use

Yet another way to repurpose your business strategy to stay in the black is to simply resell what you are not able to use.

Many restaurants have reinvented themselves as small mom-and-pop grocers, selling extra food stores they cannot use that would otherwise go to waste. Customers are drawn in by the chance to score premium-quality foods without the long lines and stress.

Distilleries have addressed the shortage of sanitizing supplies by brewing up hand sanitizer in their on-site distillery barrels.

Print out your existing inventory list, then look over the items and brainstorm other ways to use each. You may just land on a readymade market for those items close to home.

Rethink Your Storefront Model

You might think all “live event” businesses have gone belly-up in the wake of this extended quarantine period - doubly so for any businesses labelled non-essential.

But as we all know, what is non-essential to one person may be urgently needed by another.

Dog trainers have taken to YouTube to conduct virtual training seminars. Crafters are selling DIY homemade face mask kits by mail order. Bookstores are sending employees out to deliver book orders door to door.

Complementary companies are partnering up to create virtual retreats, teaching everything from jewelry making to gardening and canning.

Whether your new business-as-usual is an online storefront, a delivery service, virtual classes, or a brick-and-mortar pivot, it feels a lot better to spend your energy trying something new than sitting around worrying. And your own creativity might just surprise you into a big success.

Partner to Weather the Quarantine Together

In many areas, business owners are coming together to co-promote and support one another, pool inventory to create unique products and services, and reach out to their surrounding local customer bases to ask for help.

In one smaller artsy town, local businesses decided to co-launch a website to sell gift cards to local customers.

The website joint venture has also begun to serve as a hub for resource links and breaking news that affects small-business owners and workers, and local consumers.

Dig In and Do That Thing Only You Can Do

It is no small thing to sit at home, day after day after day, willing yourself to stay calm while you wait out these uncertain times.

But consider for a moment how often in the past you have wished for even just a bit of extra time to start an email newsletter or launch a blog or create a digital storefront or revamp your website or whatever it is to better support your business.

Now is your moment! Finally, you have that extra time you once thought would never arrive.

Even though it often doesn't seem as if it will ever end, this quarantine period will be gone at some point. How do you want to use this precious pocket of extra time?

Is there something you want to do, something only you can do, that just might change everything in your business and your life for the better?

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