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Why Invest In a Custom Website Design Company?

Custom Website Design Company At Work in Belleville, Ontario.

Why Invest In a Custom Website Design Company?

Investing in a website for your business is a must in 2023. But investing in a CUSTOM website design company? That value is unmatched!

Picture your physical office location:

How much effort do you put into designing your office, entrance, landscaping, lobby, etc.?

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve invested a good chunk of the budget in your office design.

And you weren’t wrong to do so!

After all, your office location is many things:

  1. It’s the first impression of your business to visitors.
  2. It’s an advertisement for your company for passersby.
  3. It’s where you conduct the majority of your business.

Unsurprisingly, investing in the design of your company’s central location has a high ROI (return on investment) potential.

And, you guessed it, the same goes for your website!

That’s why business owners invest in their office design - to ensure their central business location is professional, comfortable and approachable.

Keep reading to discover how valuable a custom website design is for your business.


Strong First Impression

Visitors form a first impression of your website design in 50 milliseconds.

That’s just 0.05 seconds!

This means in under 1 second, your website visitor has already created a mental image of your brand. 

Whether that’s a good image or bad, it’s there to stay!

That’s how powerful a first impression is. It can cause visitors to stay on your page or leave it for a competitor’s site.

Good web design is crucial in catching visitors’ attention and keeping it.

That’s why a custom website design company skillfully implements: 

  • Quick page loads,
  • Stunning visual design,
  • Easy navigation and accessibility,
  • Intuitive layout, etc.


Brand Consistency

Consistent branding can increase your revenue by up to 23%!

Consistency is the key to making your brand both professional and recognizable.

Think of a well-known, easily-recognizable brand like No Frills.

You can spot a No Frills from miles away by just a few key factors:

  • Font
  • Brand Colouring
  • Imagery

You expect to see large block font, a bright yellow building, and a bunch of bananas!

These brand elements are what makes No Frills so familiar to us. They make it easy to find and recognize. 

But more than that, these elements help nurture customer trust and loyalty.

Customers know what to expect when they walk into a No Frills. They’ve come to depend on the familiarity of the environment.

Creating a consistent and easily recognizable brand is crucial in establishing trust.

That’s where a custom website design company comes in!

A professional web designer creates a consistent design throughout your entire website. This ensures a cohesive experience for your visitors - no matter what page they’re on!


Increased Credibility

75% Of users judge a company’s credibility based solely on its visual design.

Good visual design helps increase brand credibility.

For example, imagine if a website had a poor design, difficult navigation and unreadable fonts. You would, most likely, deem that site unprofessional. It may even bring you to question its legitimacy.

A good website design company knows how vital credibility is to your brand. They work to create a platform that not only reflects your brand well but encourages its viewers to trust it.


Improved Searchability and Ranking

Before purchasing, 70-80% of consumers research a company online.

It goes without saying that your website should be optimized for web searching. How else are people going to land on your page?

A searchable site needs to meet specific SEO (search engine optimization) standards.

For example, code, content and design all affect the searchability and ranking of your site. Ensuring these elements meet the necessary standards helps search engines crawl and index your pages.

This means that when looking for a good custom website design company, you need to ensure that it

  1. Follows current SEO guidelines, and
  2. Includes an SEO intro package.


Reduced Bounce Rate

If your website content and layout are unattractive, about 38% of people stop engaging.

High web traffic is a great start. But traffic that converts is even better!

To bring people to your website and keep them there, you’ll need to invest in some bounce-rate-reducing factors:

Your custom website design company checks off each of these criteria!


Increased Potential For Traffic, Leads and Conversions

All the above elements combined create a quality website with a high potential to

  1. Attract traffic,
  2. Hold attention,
  3. Encourage engagement, and
  4. Convert leads!


Your Local Custom Website Design Company in Belleville, Ontario

Website Design Packages

At OSM, we’re pleased to offer a full suite of web design services! We offer everything you need to ensure your site is search-engine friendly and built for high conversion rates.

Our web designers have ample experience working with a variety of industries. We’ve worked with landscapers, family care centres, community events, HVAC companies and more!

We understand how essential it is to create a website that’s unique, customer-driven and visually stunning. And we’ll do everything it takes to get your website there!

Our designers meet with you to discuss your vision and identify your goals. Then they’ll work their magic!

Ready to start your project?

Give us a call at 613-969-0626 or browse our web design packages online!

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