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Does My Website Need Professional Marketing?

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If you have ever found yourself eyeing your competitor’s busy website with envy or wondering how you can bring in new customers without adding anything else to your already packed schedule, what you are really asking yourself is: “Does my website need professional marketing?”

The answer, by the way, is YES.

This can be a daunting realization, especially when you might be an expert in your field, but you have to be honest and admit you aren’t even totally sure what “website marketing” means.

In this post, find out the answer to that question. Also discover why your website needs professional marketing and how it can help you generate new business without adding yet another hat on top of the existing stack precariously balanced on your head.

What Is Website Marketing?

Website marketing is one of many terms used nearly interchangeably to describe the process of seeking new customers in the online marketplace. This is because there are many types of marketing you can do on the internet to reach new customers.

Let’s take an example most small-business owners know well – local marketing.

When you launched your company, you probably already had an idea of where you could go and what you could do to tell potential customers about your company’s products or services.

You printed up business cards, flyers or postcards with coupons. You handed them out to friends, left stacks of them at the library and coffeeshop, took them to business networking meetings and neighborhood association meetings. Slowly but surely, word got out and customers started calling and visiting to hire you.

It is not that different to market your products and services online. But instead of walking or driving around in person to hand out your information, you are finding out where your customers hang out online and distributing your business information there.

Common places where business owners find new customers online include social media platforms, blog feeds, podcasts and vodcasts, email list groups, chat rooms, organic/paid browser searches and more. But you can’t visit these places in person – only your website can do that.

So website marketing is effectively using the information on your website to intersect with customers in the places online where they are most likely to go so you can bring them to your website to hire you!

When Do You Need Professional Website Marketing?

One of the keys to longevity in the small-business marketplace is knowing when to outsource certain critical functions. Unless your primary business is website marketing, at some point in time, you will likely want to outsource your website marketing function.

Of course, you may be thinking, “Well, I built my business from scratch and generated my customer base on my own, hoofing it and working hard. How hard could website marketing really be?”

Pretty darned hard, especially if you are starting from scratch to learn how it works. Sure, you are smart and you could learn how to do it. But is that really the best use of your time?

Here, the right question is to ask yourself is always, “What is an hour of my time worth?”

Think about all the hats you already wear and how much you would pay someone else to do any of the things you excel at. Would you rather outsource those functions or something you don’t (for the moment at least) know how to do yourself?

If you want and need to generate new business but don't have time to learn a new skill, the smart move is to hire experts who can help.

How Does Professional Website Marketing Work?

Every aspect of professional website marketing revolves around two key concepts: consistency and keywords.


By “consistency,” we mean your online (website) marketing presence needs to look the same from one social platform to the next and sound the same from one blog post or article to the next. This is how you build trust with prospective customers and turn them into new, loyal repeat customers.

The reason is that your online customers can’t see you. They can’t shake your hand, read your nonverbal body language cues, look into your eyes, get a gut sense of who you are and how you operate.

What they can do is notice that your brand identity (color, logo, URL, slogan/motto, voice) matches up everywhere they see you online.

This doesn’t mean your message has to be exactly the same on every platform – in fact, here, customization is critical to success. But it does mean that no matter where your online prospective customer encounters you, everything about the experience makes it clear to them that it is you.


When we say “keywords,” what we really mean is SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is the primary reason you really don’t want to tackle website marketing as a newbie with a busy business to run.

SEO is complicated! You have to pick the right keywords in the right combinations optimized for where your customers are most likely to encounter them online. You have to read reams of analytics (data streams) and adjust your keyword marketing strategy according to emerging trends.

If that doesn’t sound like fun, you definitely want to hire someone who already knows the ropes to do it for you.

Why You Need Professional Website Marketing Now

When you spend your website marketing dollars wisely, they will start making you money in short order.

The best way to achieve this goal is to bring in an experienced website marketing team who does what they do just as well as you do what you do!

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