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Spotlight Limousine: Marketing


Spotlight limousine was a small limousine business looking to expand. They needed a new website and started a hosting only plan with OSM Websites in April 2011. In May 2011, Spotlight Limousine had very low visitors (37 visitors per month). They crept up to the low 100s for visitors in December 2011. They strugged to grow online traffic over the next 3 long years. They approached the OSM Marketing Team looking for faster ways to advance the number of visitors to their site on a monthly bases. They had purchased several new vehicles and needed more sales to make their business successful.


After evaluating Spotlight Limousine's current challenges OSM Websites started a new marketing campaign that included the following:

  1. Keyword Research - what terms their prospective customers were searching on
  2. Optimize website pages to ensure each was set up right for search engines
  3. Back-link Building – Increased their website popularity by linking to other high quality sites
  4. Wrote fresh new page content full of rich keywords grow Spotlight’s search ranking
  5. On page SEO - optimized their website pages for those terms
  6. Improved their ranking with industry keywords


  • In March 2015 after three months of implementing OSM’s action plan, Spotlight limousine received its largest number of visitors ever! We increased their monthly traffic by 802 visitors in 3 months!!! They received 1,783 visitors in the month of March alone.
  • Visitors to their website almost doubled from January 2015 to March 2015
  • Spotlight Limousines website received 54 new responses to the “book now” ad, 2 new responses to the “special mid-week offer” ad and 6 new responses to the “inquiry form” ad in the month of March alone.
  • Approximately $50,000 in sales leads were generated from that traffic in the month of March due to OSM Websites Online Search Engine Marketing Services
  • Brand new site visitors, never before on the website, jumped by 11% per month
  • Increase of repeat customers
  • Over 1000 form responses for the first 4 months of 2015 compared to 5-6 leads per month back in 2010 with no marketing. 
  • They currently are receiving approximately 40 emails per day in inquires 

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