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Marketing Partnership Overview


The purpose of this document is to help you, the client, understand the nature of a partnership with OSM, as well as the expectations of all parties involved.

Please note that your chosen package includes every marketing service provided by OSM and is only limited by the time allotted to each package. Our team will work with you to determine the best use of time under your chosen package.

Our team will be dedicated to working with you to find a solution that works best for your business in order to create real business results. We will ask you specific questions about your goals during your discovery session and make recommendations based on our findings. This will allow us to present you with a strategy that fits you and your business.

Our team will require you, the client, to work alongside us in order to create and implement your marketing. Providing information and/or material late, or not at all, may result in delayed execution, missed timelines or minimal results. Clients are expected to provide the necessary information/material needed in order for campaigns to be launched successfully.

Our team will only make recommendations that fit within your chosen marketing package. 

Our team will inform you if any of your requests exceed the scope of your marketing package. 

Our team will not make projections regarding overall results before we begin your campaign. We can, however, provide you with insight on business results based on our experience with different industries within our client base.

Our team will have a goal of planning out your marketing campaign months ahead of execution and will work with you to achieve this. 

Our team will bill you for 2-3 months of marketing support in advance. Payment for the first month will be required upfront in order to begin your campaign. The other 2 payments will be required within the applicable month of execution

  • If you decide to pay 3 months upfront you will save 10% within the given year. 

  • If you decide to pay 6 months upfront you will save 15% within the given year. 

  • If you decide to pay 12 months upfront you will save 20% within the given year.

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