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Campeau Heating: Marketing


Campeau Heating came to OSM Websites in 2015 looking to become number one on search engines for their services in Sudbury, Ontario. After the OSM team did an in depth analysis on Campeau's current website and rankings, it was revealed that Campeau Heating's suppliers including Napoleon out-ranked Campeau on google and other search engines for products and services they both provided. It was determined that the cause of this was Campeau Heating linking away to Napoleon's main website for most of their products online.


After evaluating Campeau's current challenges, OSM Websites started a new marketing campaign that included the following:

  1. Keyword Research - determine the winnable terms their prospective customers were searching on
  2. Optimize website pages to ensure each page was set up right for search engines
  3. Building new web pages with Napoleon products on Campeau's website to avoid site visitors from linking away to Napoleon's website for product details. Note: Napoleon was properly referenced in these new pages to avoid copyright
  4. Simplifying the site navigation to make it less confusing for site visitors to navigate through the website site map
  5. Started a weekly blog to help build website rankings with good content showing that Campeau Heating is an expert in their industry
  6. Wrote fresh new page content full of rich keywords to grow search ranking on target keywords
  7. On page SEO - optimized their website pages for those terms


  • New site visitors grew to 46% of all site visitors within the first 3 months of our marketing campaign. 
  • Campeau Heating started out-ranking Napoleon's website on search engines for Napoleon products in Sudbury
  • Stronger presence in the online market, pushing out competition
  • Higher ranking on search engines in a shorter time period
  • Consistent and growing sales leads for Campeau Heating through website forms and call to actions
  • More room for growth, very large market

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